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Patent Translation

Patent Translation

Patent translation generally refers to the translation of patent specifications, patent claims and other intellectual property rights. Patent translators of QUTTIS are full-time translators with good professional qualities, experienced patent engineers and senior patent agents.

Based on the characteristics of the difficult of patent translation, strong professionalism and high customer requirements, QUITTS Translation Company now mainly undertake patent translation from Chinese to English and English to Chinese (simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese) and patent translation between a Few Languages and Chinese and English such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, etc. Specializing in patent translation fields include chemical industry, medicine, machinery, communications, computers, etc.

QUITTS Solution

  • Professional Teams

    QUITTS provides a multilingual, professional and fixed translation team for each long-term client. In addition to the experienced translators, reviewers and revisers who are specially selected and accumulated for the industry, we also have technical gatekeepers in the industry. With professional knowledge background and translation experience, they are mainly responsible for terminology correction in the translation of technical manuscripts, and answering the technical questions put forward by the translators to maintain high quality translation. The production team of QUITTS is composed of language professionals, technical gatekeepers, localization engineers, project managers and DTP personnel. Each member has professional knowledge and practical experience in his/her own field.

  • Transparent Process Management

    The translation process can be customized in QUITTS, either complex or simple according to the requirements of the project. Sufficient communication with clients would be ensured before start, realizing a totally transparent process. Basically, the process of \"translation + review + technical proofreading (for technical manuscripts) + typesetting + check\" is implemented for all projects in the chemical energy industry; CAT tools and project management tools must be used to ensure the implementation of the process.

  • Exclusive Corpus for Clients

    QUITTS establishes a specific style guide, terminology database and corpus for each long-term client in the chemical energy industry. A cloud-based CAT tool is used to check the inconsistency of terms, and ensure that the team members can share the special corpus of the client to improve the efficiency and quality stability.

  • Cloud-based CAT System

    The corpus is realized by CAT system, which can reduce workload and save time by using repeated sentences or phrases. It can be used to accurately control the consistency between translation and terminologies, especially in the projects where the translation is completed by multiple people at the same time, and this can ensure the consistency of translation to the greatest extent.

  • Certification

    QUITTS, an excellent service provider, has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, member certification of Translators Association of China, AAA enterprise credit rating certification, AAA credit rating certification, AAA credit operation demonstration unit certification, AAA quality service credit certification, AAA contract honor and trustworthy enterprise certification. Over the past 12 years, QUITTS has served thousands of enterprises to help you effectively solve language problems.

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is of great significance in translation services. QUITTS Translation will sign a Confidentiality Agreement with each client and will follow strict confidential procedures and guidelines to ensure the safety of all documents, data and information of the client.


  • English-Chinese translation of patent literature

  • Translation of energy patent

  • Translation of biological medicine patent

  • Translation of English patent

  • Translation of electric power patent

  • Translation of electronic technology patent

  • Translation of computer patent

  • Translation of environmental protection technology patent

  • Translation of organic chemistry patent

  • Translation of device patent

  • Translation of communication patent

  • Translation of biochemistry patent

  • Translation of medical apparatus patent

  • Translation of chemical technology patent

  • Translation of microelectronic patent

  • Translation of construction machinery patent

  • Translation of new materials patent 

  • Translation of automatically control patent



Translation of automobiles patent

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