Localization is a production activity that processes a product according to the needs of a specific country or region or language market to meet the special requirements of users on a specific market for language and culture. Localization is a series of engineering activities, including localization project management, translation of software interface and document, desktop publishing (DTP) of manuals, as well as compilation, testing and quality assurance of localized software.

More and more companies tend to display their content online by multimedia (including audio, video, animation) or other ways. Most paperless studies also rely on multimedia for training.

The website is the face of a company. A multilingual website can show the international image of the company. Localization of websites not only requires translation of words, but also needs adjustment according to local market habits, culture and customs in order to conform to local market habits.

Desktop publishing is an important step in the document translation process that should not be underestimated. Page layout, images, colors and punctuation shapes will affect users' accurate understanding of the content.

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  • Involving over 130 languages such as English, Japanese, German, French and Korean

  • We promise that the confidentiality agreements on the information entrusted by clients can be signed to prevent any information disclosure.

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