Conference interpretation, a high-level professional service for cross-language and cross-cultural communication, is professionally high-end among all kinds of interpretation. Conference interpreters work in modes of simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation to provide clear and reliable professional interpretation services for meetings of international organizations, leaders' meetings, diplomatic meetings, business negotiations and various seminars.

Simultaneous interpretation is the most widely used working mode of conference interpretation today. Interpreters form a small group and work in a soundproof simultaneous interpretation room (commonly known as "box") equipped with special simultaneous interpretation equipment. The simultaneous interpretation room is located at the conference venue. The speaker, projection screen and the entire conference site can be directly seen through the glass windows. While listening to the continuous speech of the source speaker through headphone, the interpreter almost synchronously translates all the meanings expressed by the speaker into the target language accurately and completely. Delegates at the meeting select their desired language channel on their respective receivers and listen to the information from headphones.

Consecutive interpretation is the earliest working mode used in conference interpretation. Now it is mainly used in the meetings, conferences and press conferences with a small scope, short time and few languages. The interpreter sits in the conference room, listens to the original speech and takes notes at the same time. When the speaker finishes the speech or stops to wait for interpretation, the interpreter shall use clear and natural target language to accurately and completely re-express the whole content of the original speech, just like he/she is giving a speech. Consecutive conference interpretation requires the interpreters to be able to listen to continuous speeches for five to ten minutes and use good speech skills to completely and accurately translate all the contents.

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