Quality Control


Professional translation resource team

The basic team of translators and interpreters all have a certificate of China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters - CATTI Grade II or above, and have more than 5 years of experience in translation with relevant professional background. The translation workload exceeds 5 million words and the interpretation workload exceeds 50 large and medium-sized conferences. The translation and revision team consists of senior translators with more than 10 years of experience and native foreign experts.

Select translators and interpreters according to their professional fields

According to the industry of clients and the professional field of the project, translators with the same background or professional knowledge are appointed to carry out the translation work of the project.

Exclusive one-on-one service for account managers and project managers throughout the process

Each project is under the sole responsibility of the designated account manager and project manager. The account manager is responsible for the contact between the customer and the project team, and for the final service quality. The project manager is responsible for the coordination and allocation of the project, organizing the implementation of each link in the translation process, following up the project progress and feeding back relevant issues to ensure the translation quality and delivery time to the maximum extent.

Implement scientific and strict process control of translation quality

  • Pre-translation

    Look through the original text and related background materials in details, and carry out document conversion, terminology extraction and corpus management.

  • Translating

    Carry out control measures such as schedule control, synchronous review and feedback, and scope change management.

  • Post-translation

    Comprehensively check for quality and make necessary translation revision and improvement based on client feedback.

Promote and strengthen the service quality awareness of all staff

Strengthen the education and training of total quality management among employees, establish the idea of quality first, and comprehensively strengthen the awareness of service quality. At the same time, establish a strict quality responsibility system to define the responsibilities of relevant personnel in each process, and require relevant personnel to strictly follow them. Implement strict rewards and punishment measures to ensure the real implementation and enforcement of quality strategies.


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