Integrated Services

Integrated Services

QUITTS: With long-term practical experience in the industry and powerful platform technology for support, we focus on the demands of the global translation market and carefully build the overall solution of "Translation Cube".

We are committed to providing customers with all-round solutions and five three-dimensional service schemes including "headhunting service, outsourcing of human resources service, project outsourcing service, enterprise consulting service and going-out/coming-in".

Over the years, QUITTS has provided diversified "cubic" services to customers in chemical industry, health care, biology, construction, law and other industries, and has built a solid all-round service system to help you devise the strategic planning and win victory even thousands of miles away.

We sincerely invite partners from all over the world to become a member of the "Translation Cube" and join hands to surmount all obstacles and make great achievements!


QUITTS, professional translation and diverse abilities

  • Headhunting Service

    A professional consulting team recommends talents for the enterprises in an accurate and efficient way

  • Outsourcing of Human Resources Service

    Take over part or all of the clients' human resource work (projects), help the client enterprises to get free from tedious HR affairs and pay more attention to the development of core business

  • Project Outsourcing Service

    With many years of high-quality project outsourcing service experience, sufficient talent reserves, and "turn-key" solutions, we can help the client enterprises concentrate on business without any burden and reach far with sincerity

  • Enterprise Consulting Service

    Provide all-round human resource consulting services such as organizational structure planning, cost assessment, management optimization and risk assessment for enterprises, so as to escort customers to enhance the company value

  • Going-out/Coming-in

    Provide one-stop consulting and management services (including policy consultation, visa agency, license handling, etc.) for domestic enterprises to go out or attract foreign investment

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